Lily and I brought in movements materials of about a minute long. We showed each other our sequence of movements and then spoke about some possible alterations. We started with mirroring my beginning phrase then going off to our individual solo, however maintaining contrast or similarities as we went along. At times we discussed our spatial relationship to each other and the architectural design of it.

Our movement was mainly relaxed, effort, and efficient. There was an easiness to it that allowed us to breath deeply and take our time to interact and connect emotionally. As a result, the piece became playful, a sketch of two dancers dancing for relaxation from dancing rigorously all day!!

The class feedback after the first showing:
There was some sort of a sensual tension – especially in the beginning. Sensual.
Funny. but could you go with the playing more?
Cartoonist, especially with the blue stripe shirts
There were some giggling at times… Better to go with it than to force to stop it!

For the next class, we were to add a minute more of choreography but this time, playing with text. Daniel Roberts gave us freedom in interpreting text in different ways. One could use a song with lyrics, spoken word, poem, speech, or speak while dancing. As I always seek opportunities as such to create something new…I decided to write a short text- playing with words. Our duet was already playful…so I searched for something playful to write!

The text:

a; It was here?
b; No, It was here!
a; I think, it was here?
b; Was it here?
a; No, it was here?
b; It was HER?
a; No, it was her!
b; Oh, it was here!
a; No, it definitely was here!

Soon the text became a reflection of those moments when dancers meet again to go over choreography and they ask questions, have self-doubts, and are confident about where the movements are and what is the sequence!
I had sent a voice recording to Lilly, sharing an idea I had about using this text. When we met she said that to complement my idea we can even use my voice recording.
The piece was forming as an abstract narrative about dancers rehearsing; their confusions to remember and their process reflected -through the text, audio and sounds- while the result is being practiced (Kind of like a hidden cycle!)

The class feedback after the second showing:
Playfulness came out more.
The “sensual moment” disappeared.
The audio as a commentary of what is happening is interesting but where do you go with it next…how do you bring it back, or do you?
A relationship where the two partners argue yet agree in the end.
Specificity in contrast to messiness nature.
A theatrical tone. Appreciation for being verbal while moving.
Needs more work to balance between subtlety and over the top



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Artist: Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Composer

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      I hope that you continue to allow your curiosity take you to places you haven’t seen yet! (playing off of your blog title! – but also inviting you to try forms of art that you haven’t experienced yet!!)

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