Intermedia is a collaborative space where people interact, explore, investigate, and experience multiple sensations rising from various mediums.

After hearing my classmates’s statement of how they define Intermedia, I felt that my definition of it was very direct and somewhat restricted. So I composed a text that has the rhythm and sensations of how I imagine intermedia:

There is a room
But it’s not a usual room
It transforms
and you

There is a room
But it’s not a usual room
You hear things you haven’t heard before
and see things you haven’t seen before
and feel things you haven’t felt before
and do things you haven’t done before

There is a room
but it’s not a usual room
Some things are unfamiliar and strange
like a dream
like seeing through
a kaleidoscope
like staring at
a cubist painting

There is a room
But it’s not a usual room
You hear things you have heard before
and see things you have seen before
and feel things you have felt before
and do things you have done before

There is a room
but it’s not a usual room
because you have been there before
it all feels real
Because you are there
in the moment

In this room
the unusual room
you can
and be


Our last group study was based on my idea of “a dinner gathering.” I wished to bring a sense of casualness, familiarity and interpersonal activity into the intermedia room.
As always we threw in lots of ideas and felt overwhelmed with all the possibilities we have – that is of course the nature of intermedia: open-ended possibilities that are only limited by our imagination!!

Slowly we put little pieces together. We wanted to create a togetherness feeling and then disrupt it by using our phones to detach and be distracted. Because the use of phones and how it is affecting our lives is so complex and filled with pros and cons, we wanted to make sure that the complexity is reflected. That is why, we decided to use our phones to record the audience’s little dance (documentation) and play it back through a projected recording camera (memories). This balanced the way we disconnected from the audience with our phones with how our recorded visuals are sentimental.

you can watch the video of our performance below:

These are a few things that were said as feedback and comments:

Scripted | Awkward | Hyper\Real –> Fake Food | A Through line | Involving | Interactive | “Bone Apple Teeth” (Possible title!) | Flow | Gestures | Distant | Changing Perspective | Signifiers | Passing of the time through visuals on the table | normal to be on your phone that could have left unnoticed for audience | belonging | fun


In my Hopes and Expectation post before the class began I had written that I hope to get to collaborate. The highlight of this class for me was all the skills I accumulated in a collaboration: from structure, to dynamics, to ideation and process. I learnt how to communicate my ideas better and how to switch between being a leader and a follower. Intermedia is also inter-ideas: as in, the presence of having different backgrounds and voices in the room is important to create a multifaceted product.
With that being said, half way through the semester we realized that we have been mostly learning from Euro-centric and white makers. We had a crucial discussion about diversity and race. After we all contributed a list of artists whom their demographic is underrepresented in the Arts.

Some of my favorites were:
Jode Soloman: She is brave, courageous, and incredibly artistic. She too emphasized the importance of collaboration in making a diverse work.

I have studied a few works of Ralph Lemon and he never stops to amaze me! His juxtaposition of rich and layered movement with other materials is incredibly thought-provoking.

I was lucky to see Akram Khaan’s DESH in Hong Kong. It was the first contemporary and mixed media dance theatre performances I had ever seen then. It was a reason that I  committed my career to dance-making. Akram infuses his Bangladeshi upbringing in the UK but his story remains interpersonal: about home, tradition, being second-generation, being easter in the west, etc. I never forget the scene where there was see through screen with animation projected on it and Akram was dancing and interacting with it behind. It was mesmerizing!

I contributed a list of Iranian visual artists, some of whom work on digital materials too:
Shirin Neshat, Laleh Mehran, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfamian, Mehdi Ghadyanloo. 



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Artist: Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Composer

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