An Afternoon Break -/- from Trump!

I had Trump’s face projected on a pear, Persian cucumbers, carrots, and a bawl of Cheetos! In Iranian culture, pear and cucumbers signify dumbness. Carrots signify ignorance. On the carrots there was no projection: to add to the meaning of ignorance and also to cut audience’s expectation of seeing projections on all the fruits! The videos were from CNN reporting the signing of the first Travel Ban. The audio was cut and edited from Fox News, announcing the latest version of the Executive Order. This was to show the trajectory of these bans and the ongoingness of them. Next to the snacks, was a fruit knife that had a projection of protests in Columbus after the first ban. Metaphorically, saying that the people were “sharper”, meaning more powerful. The Fox News audio faded into the protestors singing “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Donald Trump has got to go.” After the audio finished, the lights came up, and I invited the audience to cut some fruits and vegetables, and enjoy the snacks!

I liked the fact that it had a sense of dailyness to it. As we eat, these political actions and decisions are made, and we are just there, in our homes, eating some fruits and vegetables !

I also liked cutting the pear that Trump’s face was on. I felt that I was able to release some of my anger in a positive and healthy way!

Video of the piece/performance:

Video of showing with feedback:


This piece was made as part of the Devising Experiential Media System.

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Artist: Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Composer

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