arduous recurrence

arduous recurrence

Director and Performer
Bita Bell

Cinematographer and Composer
Carlos Molinero

Vertigo, Mumok,
Vienna, Austria 2019

*** Strobe Effect Warning ***

2021 Screenings
Opine Dance Film Festival 

A calm morning,
tingling sensations,
below the surface of the skin,
curiously wandering towards inspiration.
We entered a multi-textured space
Expansive, tall, solid. A Bass.
Hands often searching for their own kind.
White, Black, Contrasts.
Lines curving rebelliously,
Hypnotizing. Vertigo.
Glimpses of past souls
scattered in pieces on white walls.
Geometry is precise and unambiguous.
Connected. As we are.
Yet in ambiguity we found each other.
It is in this effortful process,
arduous journey,
that we repeat the ultimate quest.
Quest of recurrence.
The return of Love.