Carded & Spun

Screen Shot

“Bita used a narrative that her aunt sent her as an audio message as a jumping off point to explore memories and trauma.  In a workshop and interactive performance style, she engaged the participants to reflect on, in text or drawings, and write on a long white butcher paper stretched diagonally across the stage. Through movement and the manipulation of the paper, she began to process the content expressed. For example, she crumbled the paper into a ball and started punching it and asking other members to join in punching.  Later on, an audience members grabs the other end of the paper and is dragged in the middle of the circle.  Gradually, Bita and the audience members collectively start tearing down the paper into smaller pieces.  A cathartic experience for many!”

Queer Arabs Podcast , Listen Here !

Performed at:
Salon Al-Mahjar صالون المهجر is an open mic for immigrant queer, trans, and allied artists, actors, activists, writers, storytellers, dancers, singers, musicians, poets, feminists, thinkers, teachers, and historians from West Asia and North Africa.

We gather to celebrate each other’s voices, exchange ideas, engage in each other’s passions, counteract censorship, promote and support each other, give and receive constructive feedback, and challenge what may be considered inappropriate “ayb” عيب or “haram” حرام.


Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Brooklyn, New York
December 2019