Dam means to inhale and to be on the edge. Noosh means to taste and is a feminine noun. Combined together, Dam Noosh is a way of brewing Iranian herbal tea, constructing multi-layered linguistic meanings into one communal activity of drinking tea. In this intimate and interactive multimedia solo performance senses of smell, touch, taste, visual and audio are stimulated for a visceral experience of an autobiographical narrative that struggles to transcend boundaries of identity.

Dancer and Choreographer Bita Bell
Music Composers Aubrey Liston (Cellist and Singer) and Sarah Jaegers (Clarinetist) in collaboration with Bita Bell
Installation Designer Bita Bell

2019 Urban Arts Space Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2019 Commissioned by Borders in Motion Conference, The Ohio State University

Project made possible by the Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship Award


Review: Dam Noosh 
Dr. Nadine George-Graves
Dr. Thomas F. DeFrantz
Liam Clancy
Olivia Hild  

Dam Noosh
2019 Iranian Female Composers Association, IFCA

Kindred Spaces
2019 The Ohio State University, Department of Dance