Derived from the courageous stories of migration in boats and contradicted with the derogatory term ‘FOB’, OFF is an exploration of bodies in misplacement. This short film makes palpable a vulnerable experience through the sensibilities and motions seen on the skin, spine, hands, and feet. The camera creates a sense of ungrounding, situating the body in a void. OFF aims to create an emotional landscape through physicalizing the cinematic experience in order to seize a deeper human connection.

Dancer and Choreographer Bita Bell
Filmmaker and Editor Kathryn Nusa Logan

2019 Merde The Show, New York City, New York

2019 Screen Dance, Horsecross, Scotland, United Kingdom

Isolated in a dark and large open space, OFF takes the viewer on a journey of fragility, frustration, and vulnerability as it tells the story of a migrant through a child’s voice. With paper boats, the dancer brings out a playful and innocent characteristic and engages the audience to interact and participate.

Sound-designer, Dancer and Choreographer Bita Bell
2018 Commissioned by The Movement Project, Cleveland Dance Festival, Ohio