Spring 2019 Student Evaluation of Instruction – Contemporary Techniques
Autumn 2018 Student Evaluation of Instruction – Improvisation for Dance Minors
Spring 2018 Student Evaluation of Instruction – Contemporary Techniques
Autumn 2017 Student Evaluation of Instruction – Contemporary Techniques

“I absolutely adored Bita. She was engaging and welcoming and truly challenged us to bypass our expectations of ourselves. Taking this class has been a joy and I look forward to taking more classes with her in the future.”

“Bita worked very hard to create a space where we could feel comfortable experimenting with new techniques and different ways of thinking. She always encouraged us to maintain an air of playfulness while we improvised and worked. The course was structured well by starting us with contact and getting us to trust each other, then breaking into our own improvisation. This helped us feel more comfortable sharing the space with each other and working with each other while dancing. Overall, it was an excellent class.”

“Bita was very interested in the course material and helping students overcome challenges. She is very understanding and creates a healthy learning environment. As a student with no experience in an improvisation course, I learned many new things that I plan to incorporate into my studies in the future.”

“Bita is AMAZING!!! S he is super patient, funny and encourages us to think critically about our movements and body aligment. I’ve learned so much about dance that I would never have had I not taken this course! I am truly grateful!! Keep up the good work, Bita!!”

“Bita was very encouraging of us and always wanted us to succeed in our own ways. She was very engaging and created a safe space for us to express ourselves in whichever way we felt was important. I learned a lot about myself and dance as a whole through her class and the way she taught improv to us and how it applies to our everyday lives.”

“This was one of my favorite classes that I took this semester! Bita was Incredible with the way she taught, she was genuinely happy to teach and you could tell.”

“This class is really fun and relaxing and well organized. We had the chance to be exposed to different contemporary dance practices and to work on projects together. My interests in contemporary dance grew over the semester and I think I will continue enrolling in dance classes in the future.”