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Movement Description for Trisha Brown’s Watermotor

Trisha Brown’s solo Watermotor is a logical construction that manipulates the eyes to witness disorder through specific movements. Her movement contains a bounded sparkly energy expressed through flicky loose limbs. She moves as if she is off balance in syncopated accents, where in fact she is in control of her balance so much that she suddenly catches and suspends at unexpected times. Her weight is of light quality and is mostly situated on her heels instead of forward on her toes, except when making quick ball changes, skips, and bounces, which in turn guide her weight to fall into her back space. Her head moves in opposition to the directive actions in the rest of her body, but eventually follows as a consequence of antecedent action. Overall, she carries her body casually through the ways in which her fingers and hands are unamplified and not held in any particular form, and the way in which she walks quotidianly to a new space.

Trisha Brown | November 25, 1936 – March 18, 2017

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Artist: Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Composer

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